Testimonials – IronHammer Ornamental – Denver, Colorado

Your portfolio looked good, and I was pretty sure you were the right contractor. The homeowner was very satisfied with the quality and beauty of his railings. I'm sure we will do more business in the future. Thanks for the good work and we will talk to you soon!

Ken, Denver
TSS, Inc.

I live in the corner of a busy street and was afraid to let my children and pets out to play in the yard. With the new iron fence IronHammer built for us, I can rest assured of their safety.

Ozlem, Denver

I am very happy with the storm door that was intalled over our front door. I had chosen the style of the metal frame in white with a nice design in center, but when they came to take measurements they had to correct the frame for the side window that I hadn't taken into account. I didn't quite know how it would turn out for the side window cover, but Ercan made the Frame for the window to complement the design that was on the door. The frame for the window and the door as a single unit makes our entrance look very stylish and welcoming. Ercan also corrected our support bar over our existing door that had come loose as the house settled because he took pride in his job and didn't want anything to take away from the integrity of his work and product.

Kenan, Centennial